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Desktop Agent
Diagnose performance and connectivity issues from your customer's location. This tool runs a suite of performance and connectivity diagnostics from the local machine, reporting the results in real time.
A Google Analytics + Webmetrics Mashup. Graph visits/views/bounce/conversions against your web site performance. This tool is a mashup of Google Analytics and Webmetrics GlobalWatch monitoring.
Location Assist
Determine the best locations to monitor your website from based on your Google Analytics data. The tool uses your analytics data to determine which monitoring locations are closest to your largest sources of traffic, and gives you a sorted list of monitoring locations.
Crowdsourced Monitoring
Real-time dashboard showing potential downtime of large online sites, based on Twiter conversations. Twitter is the first place people go when a major event takes place, especially major downtime events. External monitoring is limited by the transactions you define, and passive monitoring doesn’t tell you when people can’t access your site or API. Crowdsourcing your monitoring may end up being the only way for major online services to know when something is wrong.
Unified Webbug
A unified javascript webbug, allowing a user to use a single piece of javascript to measure traffic across every major analytics provider.
Google Page Speed-as-a-Service
Run a Google Page Speed analysis of any URL using our monitoring cloud. Once you enter a URL below, we will analyze your website using the Google Page Speed algorithm, and return a list of recommendations to improve the performance of your site.
See examples of dashboards our customers have created using our API.
Down for the Crowd
When you visit a site that appears to be down, how can you know if the site is really down of if it's just you? Down for the Crowd intelligently helps you determine who's fault by looking at how many other users are reporting the same problem.

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